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The Night of the Rabbit – short review

I don’t know if you happen to love adventure game, but I do and The Night of the Rabbit is one game from this category that I really like. It is a game produced by Daedalic Entertainment, unfortunately it is a game only for PC and it was launched on May 2013 (I know kind of old, but you know that well-known saying – oldies, but goldies).

So, let’s start with a couple of words about its story. Jeremiah Hazelnut is a 12 years boy who is enjoying his last days of vacation. He lives with his mother in a small house at the edge of a town in full expansion. If you pay attention at the house you will notice that it is actually a house pulled out from a cute fairytale, a beautiful small house (this comes in comparison with the city in full expansion that I have mentioned above). Jeremiah will have to explore the environment and gather all kind of objects and to solve the mysteries and the most important to always get the magic coin. Jeremiah is initiated in this adventure by a rabbit with red eyes named Marquis Hotto who is a magician and a teacher for Jerry. The Rabbit will take the boy in Mousewood, a city populated by all kind of animals and in this city the main adventure takes place. It’s actually a fairytale that can be played. When I first saw the gaming interface will all these fairytale elements, plus the rabbit I thought instantly of Alice in Wonderland or a real online casino experience if you play in the best online gambling sites. There are various cash gambling sites that offer games with different themes, all you have to do is to enjoy them at the fullest.

You will notice the simplicity of the game right from the beginning, from the tutorial where it is telling us the fact that we can interact with the object using a simple click and we can end our gaming session with the help of the big X from the bottom right corner.

One thing that I really liked about this game is the fact that at first it leaves you alone in front of the challenges, without giving you any clues and step by step will offer you some small clues to help you finish the quest. Many players have complained about this hint system that the game is using, but from my point of view it is smart and it is actually letting you to discover the game and to put your mind at work. I am sorry for those who have expected a game that will serve them all the clues on a silver tray.

To sum up this short review I need to say again that it is an amazing game, a different game with puzzles and mysteries that I have never seen in another game and this is what makes him really special.